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Don’t solve your problems!


Problems should not be solved

Does that sound weird to you? You probably learned that you should solve problems. So did I. But i changed my thoughts about the “problem solving attitude”.  Solving problems never really worked well.  Okay, I solved some of them but you know what happens: after solving issue A issue B is knocking on your door, and so on.  A never ending problem circle. Do you recognise this? Think back about situations in your life and ask yourself if problems in your life are gone or still present…

Facing challenges

People are very creative, our mind is for sure! When we face challenges in life we start thinking about how to overcome them. We think about several strategies, most people do that. Our mind is working non stop. When thinking of solutions we also focus on the problem/situation itself and what might happen if there is no solution. For example: you face an empty or almost empty bank account. You start thinking what to do to fill it, because bills got to be paid etc.  So you need money asap. Your mind thinks about selling stuff, looking for a job, earning some pennies online, a loan, and so on… Meanwhile you realise you need a miracle. And then fear comes in: what if you will not be able to earn a single dollar… you won’t be able to pay the bills, you have no food on the table, you… (fill in the blank). You start feeling panic, fearfull thoughts arise, your heartbeat rises, you feel very bad! Some people will even start feeling depressed, not knowing what to do. Imagine what this does to your body and your mood!

What you focus on will grow bigger

So you focus on your issue, in our example the empty bank account, but it can be any kind of problem. You don’t feel good, because besides you try to solve the situation, you worry about the outcome. We all do if we act like this.  Your energy is low, your mood fearfull, down, angry, or you experience panic. You start feeling tired because of all the worries you experience. And you can’t stop thinking about them. Instead of taking a break your mind creates more fearful thoughts or weird solutions to “solve” your situation.  Your focus is on the problem, even when you focus on solutions. Solutions are part of the problem! And it grows bigger and bigger, that is what happens when we try to solve situations and problems. Or in other life experiences. It is a Universal Law: the more you focus on something, the more you think about it, the bigger it gets!

Rise above your problems!

Instead of thinking about your situations, issues, problems, etc. and what to do to “solve”  them simply rise above them! Stop putting energy in thoughts and feelings that make you feel bad, sad, fearfull, down, etc. You really don’t want these emotions and thoughts to grow! If you decide to rise above whatever situation you face in life you let it go, you free yourself and chose to feel good, whatever happens. This empties your mind, you will feel relieved even with the empty bank account from our example. Instead of focusing on what to do and being afraid you simply let it go. You refuse to let negative energy in your life, you refuse to feel bad, because those actions won’t help you at all! If you rise above your problems and chose to feel good whatever happens you might be surprised of what will happen.

In a positive state of mind you are open to receive!

Remember what you focus on will grow bigger. Think and feel positive and you will attract solutions for whatever situation on auto-pilot. That is the way the Universe works. You should never worry about situations in life, no matter how challenging they are. Refuse to be overwhelmed, refuse to be a victim of the circumstances. Take back your inner power, rise and rise and rise above all unwanted stuff in life, no matter how big or small the issue is. Step aside and focus on good feelings, take positive actions, accept the problems and situations in your life the way they are and try to learn from them. The Universe will respond in a positive way, believe me, all you need to do is trust in this Universal Law.


It takes time and exercise

It takes some exercise to become an expert in not to worry and stop being a problem solver, enjoy the experience, have patience and do your best. Go for it. Don’t be harsh to yourself if you fail. You can’t fail by the way, by being aware of your thoughts, emotions and moodswings,  you are doing a great job! When unwanted feelings, thoughts etc. enter your system simply take a step back, take a deep breath and focus on something completely different. Something that makes YOU feel good.

Your life will start changing for the better. You will experience pleasant surprises, unexpected positive things will come out of the blue! Miracles will happen. That’s what happens if you chose to rise above whatever problem, situation, challenge in life. Try it out, you have nothing to lose.  Start with small things and when you are succesfull take it to the next level. Maybe you have a partner or friend that wants to exercise with you, so you have support of someone like minded. Or share your experiences here on WP, share on Facebook, or your personal website.  Start journaling!

I wish you the best of luck. You can do it, I know you can! Let me know what you think, share your experiences with me in a comment. I love to hear from you!



Let’s start attracting!


I’m a big believer in that thing called the Law of Attraction (LOA).

One of my biggest challenges is attracting money and wealth in my life. Somehow I keep on failing and you can guess what happens: at this moment I attract debt, bills I can’t pay for, financial worries, etc.

But hey, don’t worry, I see this as a wonderful opportunity, I consider myself a student and I’m learning on my way to master this particular thing.

In life we meet dozens of teachers in many ways, forms, etc. It might be people you meet, workshops you attend, books you read, even your goldfish can be a teacher. It’s up to the student to be open to learn and receive valuable lessons.

Nothing in life happens without a reason. Even a so-called personal or financial crisis comes at the perfect time and place. You might not like it, who likes to feel in debt, pain, worries, etc. I certainly don’t! On the other hand I have the choice how to handle it. I can collapse, feel depressed, afraid, worried, etc. Or I can choose to see it as a big adventure, a college from the University called Life… And that’s the way I handle stuff that comes my way. No matter how hard it can be (and believe me, right now it is!)

So to me i’m attending the big college of how to attract money into my life. I know ALL people deserve wealth, abundance, freedom, love, a good life, etc. So why not me! And I’m writing this not even knowing if I will be able to keep on paying for my rent, to pay the electricity bill, to be able to buy food, etc. That is where I am right now, NO money at all. It is fearful, I must be honest about that. But I’m not the type of person to collapse or fall into a depression. I can even see the humor of the situation, because I created it. With my thoughts and feelings about money, about abundance, about wealth, about ME…

I accept I created my life untill now including where I am right now. So I also take responsibility and want to act upon it. I know I can turn things around, we all can. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right key that opens the door to inner freedom. Because that is what money is: money is not happiness. Money is not what makes you smile. Money is simply a tool that comes in handy and if you have an abundance of money you feel free, freedom is what we want to be able to express ourselves, to follow our heart, to support others, to find inner peace and happiness.

Last Sunday I was surfing the internet, using Google to find things about how to attract money/wealth in my life as I’ve really had it. I don’t want all the worries anymore you see! Through many searches I found a series of videos from Joe Vitale. I heard his name before but I never read any of his books or so. Joe Vitale is a famous coach, writer, entrepreneur  etc. in the US, he’s the master of how to change your life, how to attract whatever you want and/or need. He really is. As I was watching his videos on YouTube I was so touched, I was crying. Because his story is so similar to mine. He once was where I am right now: no money in the pocket, almost bankrupt, not sure where the next stop will be.

He mentioned he wrote an e-book about attracting money. And because he knows what it’s like to live in poverty, to almost have nothing, he offers it for free. I felt so excited, I immediately went to the website where the book is available. I will share the link with you in a moment. It almost sounded to good to be true… but arriving there I found out that he indeed offers his e-book: “Attract Money Now” for free, no obligations, no nothing, only provide your e-mail  (which is absolutely safe) and you’ll get a link to download.

So you can imagine how happy I’m feeling as I see this as a treasure, a gift from the Universe, nothing in life is accidental, all things come at the right time and the right place, this was perfect timing from the Universe. I already started reading and I already experienced many “wow” moments… I feel like a child that got the best birthday present ever 😉 So a big thank you to the Universe and a big thank you to Joe Vitale for giving me this great opportunity. I’m going to read and re-read every word written in the book, follow every single step and keep you posted here about my progress.

You might be in the same situation as me or simply want to attract more money/wealth etc. in your life. If so or if you know someone who does, please surf to Joe’s website to download your free e-book, just as I did last Sunday. You won’t be disappointed, I can promise you that.

This is the link: