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The attitude of gratitude


One of the things I love about the Universal principle that you can attract all you want in life with a grateful attitude.

No matter what your situation is in life, there is always something (and often much more) to be grateful for.

You might already be rich (share your tips please 😀 ), or a little bit less rich, like the average people, or you situation might be a little bit like my own, having hard times and experiencing struggles, etc. or… there are thousands of different situations, millions maybe. Every situation is unique! Especially if you experience lacks in life, no matter if that’s financial, romantic, health issues, or whatever plays part in your life, it’s very important to look at what you do have in life instead of focussing on what you don’t have.

A grateful mindset is a true blessing. If you focus on all the great things that are present in your life you will start to attract more great things. It is really that simple. Go and try it out. What are you grateful for? Write it down in your journal, do it every day! Welcome all the small and big gifts the Universe offers you. Feel joy for all the good things in your life.

I am for example grateful to live in a wonderful house, to have great pets, to meet beautiful people, to be able to write this blog and inspire other people, to be able to walk, talk, enjoy things…

It starts with the small things, we often forget this. Maybe you find a dime on the street… feel joy if that occurs! Or it might be someone who smiles at you. Or makes you feel happy!

Embrace your life, exclude nothing. If you can master being grateful for all things that make you feel good you’ll create a different mindset and you will start attracting… It starts with thoughts, feelings and actions. Whenever a negative thought of lack in your life pops up, switch to a thought of gratitude. Make a large list of all the things in your life and re-read it as often as you can. Small miracles might occur, because you’re worth it, we all are…

The attitude of gratitude is a great tool on your way to living a happier life, attracting more of what you really want, to feel better and to feel connected to all other human beings. I’m grateful that you took the time to read my post, thank you so much!